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SAM Processes with ServiceNow Solutions - December 2019
DECEMBER 11, 2019 2 P.M. - 3 P.M.

CleanSlate is a ServiceNow partner that focuses on Software Asset Management. Join Cleanslate and ServiceNow to learn how ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM) enables IT and finance leaders to take control of their software licenses by procuring, managing and optimizing the software needed to align to the business without surprises.

ServiceNow and IBM Compliance...Beyond Audit/License Compliance to Active Management and ROI - December 2019
DECEMBER 18, 2019 2 P.M. - 3 P.M.

Learn how to leverage the SAMp module in ServiceNow to provide a beneficial integration with IBM BigFix/ILMT for IBM reporting as well as the additional features to report across all major publishers. This session will also focus on the planning an implementation and allow you to see a first-hand demo of how the SAMp module accelerates ITAM maturity and brings disparate data into a single actionable pane of glass.