Software Asset Mgmt.

The right SAM strategy makes all the difference.

Today’s IT environments are dynamic and complex with ever-changing software needs required to support business demands. Proactively optimizing software spend, quantifying required renewals and managing publisher audits can feel overwhelming without an effective system of controls in place.

CleanSlate’s Software Asset Management team provides the services and frameworks to meet immediate needs and to formalize SAM programs; allowing organizations to make informed decisions and realize immediate costs savings.

SAM Managed Services

Managing your assets can be complex and limitations on SAM staff can limit your ability to execute. CleanSlate’s certified SAM team can provide the expertise to effectively manage your SAM program and can expand/contract to meet any demands.

SAM Enablement & Roadmap

Setting a comprehensive course and execution strategy are critical to the success of your program. We specialize in evaluating SAM maturity levels (people, processes, tools) and providing a comprehensive roadmap to provide achievable, incremental results for immediate ROI.

Implementation & Integration Services

We specialize in the implementations of best in breed SAM tools and direct integration to systems critical to the business . Whether it be basic implementation, configuration or customization, we  help to streamline the entire software life cycle for your organization.

Audit/Renewal Readiness

Publisher audits are complex and time consuming; and compiling accurate information for renewals can seem daunting. We simplify the process to provide a comprehensive license position baseline to serve as audit defense or used to make effective renewal decisions.

SAM Tools Assessment

Successful SAM programs require a careful blend of people, processes and tools. There are a lot of great (and not so great) tools available to meet your SAM program and automation needs. CleanSlate helps to provide an objective evaluation of your SAM goals and align to best in breed solutions to assist in making an informed selection.

Cloud Migration & Optimization

Many companies are contemplating an internal shift of infrastructure and applications to the cloud. However, it is hard to determine if a migration will be beneficial. CleanSlate’s SAM Services assist in evaluating ROI and “what if” scenarios prior to moving to the cloud and provides feedback on how to optimize current cloud spend.

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