The ServiceNow Platform is a cloud-based application-platform-as-a-service (aPaaS) designed for developing and running applications. It helps customers automate countless everyday manual processes by replacing archaic email and spreadsheet-based work processes with modern application workflows built to run in the cloud. The cloudbased ServiceNow Platform allows customers to rapidly create applications that can automate unstructured work processes and fulfill requests through self-service interfaces. ServiceNow provides many out of the box applications built on the platform to help manage the modern business including ITSM, HR, PPM, CRM, Facilities and many more. The ServiceNow open API makes the platforms integration to a wide variety of toolsets highly flexible and straight forward.


  • Assess current state for value optimization across toolset
  • Simplification strategy and planning
  • Knowledge transfer

Operational Tuning

  • Version upgrade planning and guidance
  • Measurable process improvement
  • Tactical planning of value implementations
  • Mobility and self-service

Dev Meet Ops

  • Bundle operational data and workflow with CI/CD tool-chain automation
  • Identify unplanned work, remove constraints and improve throughput of planned work


  • Link operational data and actions with supporting tools of record
  • Provide mobility and engagement to action tool-sets mission those features

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