Cloud Consulting

Cloud technology is transforming the way companies communicate, report, and conduct transactions. If your company isn’t cloud-optimized, you likely aren’t getting the most out of your business model. Through our deep understanding of how cloud technology influences business—and through our partnerships with other leading cloud vendors like Salesforce—CleanSlate can change that.

Strategy Services
Our cloud-based solutions are tailored to your needs. We’ll make sure you adopt the right cloud strategy for your organization, helping you assess your business goals and objectives—and giving you powerful insight into how you can optimize your operations.

Implementation and Integration
We understand the complicated relationship between business and technology, and our clients trust us to implement and integrate cloud solutions. Because every organization is different, we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to implementation. Instead, we work closely with you, using strategies designed specifically for your business.

Application Development
In a competitive business world, customized cloud and mobile applications can be the difference between success and failure. We specialize in developing applications that streamline processes while adding value, and we can seamlessly integrate applications to make the lives of your customers and employees easier.

Mobile technology is closely linked with cloud optimization, giving you the opportunity to reach employees and customers virtually anytime, anywhere. We’ll make sure your mobile strategy aligns with your cloud strategy, and that the two are aligned to help your organization achieve its goals.

Managed Support
We provide managed cloud support services to our clients to ensure their cloud strategy consistently provides a strong return on investment. You can count on our team to be responsive and available to help with managed cloud support regardless of your needs.

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